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PostPosted: Tue Jun 20, 2006 2:17 pm    Post subject: EXE Crew - Forum Membership, some changes Reply with quote


as we all know.... since we started being active online in late april 2006, we've gain quite alot of amount of new members.... and looking at the fast growth rate, we decided to step on the brake.... we will try to slow it down abit....

for all our existing forum member that has been so nice and friendly... i don't want all that get ruined by 1 or 2 ppl with a different point of view.... so let me make this clear Smile

as from now on:

    1. there's only one rule in exe-crew forum.... respect others...

    2. EXE forum is going to be invitation only.... and only EXE-crew can invite and approve... EXE forum member can recommend, altho its not guarantee, the entry into the forum depends on the referee reputation. new member can apply through forum member, but we have to ask further questions and might not get approval depending on the situations....

    3. we're try to keep it a close family... its gonna be hard to have a family member you dont even know about.... we rather have few good members rather than 100s of d*ckheads.... so by slowing down the member growth, we will allow enough time for new exe forum members to merge in and hopefully become an exe-crew... quality > quantity

    4. no matter what you're into (show, race, drag, mountain) its NOT your car who define who you are.... your personality is more important here... everyone with money can buy a nice car and modified it to the max... but no one can buy a REAL FRIENDSHIP.... so even if you have a ferrari with blings, $20K bodykit, V12 quad turbo, 0-400m under 10 sec, can fly to the moon, etc.... we will kick you out if you show a bad attitude towards fellow members. and if you're not happy with it... you're more than welcome to meet us up and settle this in person...

    5. THIS FORUM STARTED WITH 4 People. and it is a PRIVATE forum than became opened to limited public on most sections. unlike most forum which are a generally public forum that are govern by smaller group. so this forum is EXE-crew home and the rest of the Forum Members are invited guess in our house.


we do hope all the forum members can become exe-crew someday and carry our vision as one big happy family.... but bear in mind, EXE is not an online car club... exe started on the street and based on friendship, so the real exe core should exist not online thru internet, but thru real friendship respect, and activities (remember exe core)... this forum is nothing more than our tools, our medium, and our virtual space to help and support EXE... but its not the real EXE....

also to make it clear... eventually, it is a possibility that you will all earn your exe-crew status, but simply by joining forum, being active, and being nice doesn't automatically make you an exe-crew...

so after reading all this... if any of you laughing at all this and think we live in a dream land... then, pack ur stuff and leave... coz we do believe real friends exist....

fatty flame....
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